👨‍🏭 Full time CEO of Reason.fm

What: A social podcast platform making it easy create, grow and monetise a podcast.

Goal: Democratise creativity for those who can't afford an assistant.

🧠 Host of Growth Mindset Podcast

What: Interview fascinating guests or provide short mindset lessons and ideas.

Goal: Inspire and educate, connect with cool people and enjoy myself.

📖 Co Host of Wiser than Yesterday Podcast

What: Reading a non-fiction book a week a sharing lessons.

Goal: Make useful informative content, get smarter, tackle difficult books, reason to catch up with my cohost.

📝 Blogging @ here

What: Writing up my ideas on business, relationships and life.

Goal: Improve my writing, have a go to place to point people for advice.

🎸 Playing guitar

What: Acoustic, finger-picking, blues, writing.

Goal: Relaxation and enjoyment, play with others, perform.

🏋️‍♀️ Exercising

What: Ideally 5-10km running a day and some resistance training.

Goal: Relaxation and enjoyment, maintain health and ability to do extreme things.

👩‍🎓 Learning to:

  • 🎤 Sing
  • 🏃‍♂️ Run ultra-marathons
  • 🤗 Relationships
  • 👂 Communication
  • 🧘‍♀️ Balance existential urgency with relaxed bemusement and appreciation

🗺 Where:

London, UK

🗓 Routine(ish)

8:00am - morning routine - attempt to wake up, (commute and workout if there is time, answer email in panic mode if not)

9:30am - standup

10:00-13:00pm - Focussed work and team calls, (unless there is a meeting and then I don't concentrate and usually email or something)

13:00-19:00pm - a mix of gym, calls, email, work

19:00-21:00pm - networking or dinner

21:00-23:00pm - probably email or thinking I should email but doing nothing

23:30pm - journal if I'm lucky

00:00pm - try to get in to bed and stop working

The routine I need to get back...