If Our Bodies Could  Talk

If Our Bodies Could Talk


Watch - altered Carbon (TV series) - small elite of ultra wealthy people who don't die.

Topics for discussion

Doctor turned journalist. Launched the project in 2014.

Explores human stories that are often mis-communicated and the biggest questions people generally ask.

It's a bit like a random encyclopedia with interesting nuggets on different parts of the body that you might not know about.


They are not approved as drugs by the FDA:

  • Creatine
  • Beta-alanine
  • B vitamins
  • D vitamins


  • Dimples and adding them to face, removing from legs
  • eyelashes continuously grow and fall out. optimum length for preventing crap in your eyes so fake eyelashes are bad


Maleness - we perform to stereotypes based on the expectations of society. This means men are worse at asking for help and are more likely to lose friends and suffer health issues from not going to the doctor.

Women who can talk about what makes sex work for them makes them 8x more likely to be happier in their relationship.

Penis is bulbous and sex seems to require repeated thrusting for a long time, serves to pull semen out of the vaginal canal and make it more likely for you to be the dad.

Organ size - avg. penis size is 5.1 inches but actually clitoris is larger than expected and also swells during sex.

Labia surgery on the rise due to porn and women opting for hair removal makes them more obvious

Boobs - Mens preferences for larger busts. Can be random such as how hungry they are at the time. Generally demonstrates likelihood of fertility. Although too large suggests already pregnant so less likely.

Is life long enough

  • Aubrey de grey and living till we are 1000
  • Aging is a disease and preventing scenecent cells can stop us growing older (e.g. Lobsters)


We don't fear missing out on the years before our birth. No one fears 1215.

Why do we fear death if we don't fear the time before we were born.

We don't fear a world without ourselves in it.

We fear the world going on without us

Oral hydration therapy

Hydration is sodium and glucose

Saline is just an expensive water that you pay to be injected into you.

Sports drinks with high concentration of glucose etc... it can pull water out of you


Microbes require specific environments to survive. You have no idea what you will get when you buy a store packaged microbe or what it's effect will be

Meat and Dairy

Cows milk is excessive and doesn't prevent disease. Countries with highest milk consumption also have highest osteoporosis

Eggs - A lot of evidence showing that cholesterol in eggs does not impact us negatively. We actually can have lower cholesterol. But this research has mainly been funded by egg producing organisations. So trust in science but look into how it was funded and the inscentives behind it.

High fibre diet is more important than meat rich diet.

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants"


Used to be named anti-[disease name here] until they discovered what it was

Multivitamins are mostly useless