Give and Take - Adam Grant assessment

Does Adam Grant give and take as his book suggests?

This may seem an odd question to ask but it's interesting how much advice people give that they never follow themselves. They give great advice but it is flawed that it isn't as practical or doable as they suggest. They haven't actually worked out a system themselves to implement it.

TLDR - I give Adam a good score on this.

I thought I'd reach out to him via email to see if he would be on my podcast Growth Mindset Podcast.

Keep in mind he runs a very successful podcast, and a business, has several best-selling books that are genuinely famous, and is a full time professor. So he has a lot of demands on his time.

He responded pretty promptly that he was too busy but added the extra line that maybe he could suggest someone relevant for me.

I responded (a few weeks later) asking for some of my preferred people he has had on his podcast.

He responded a few days later with a list of different people I should contact.

I asked if he would introduce me and he told me to reach out directly myself.

In one perspective you might say his short emails were a bit rude and not overly helpful. But considering the number of people who are trying to contact him and the state of his email inbox. This is actually amazing.

The fact he bothered to give me one brain cycle of his time each email rather than just deleting is pretty amazing. Plus, I can truthfully say I have exchanged multiple emails with him.

For an overstretched famous person, he still stretches a little of himself to help strangers on a daily basis. That is great.

We can conclude he is a giver.