About me

I am Sam and I run a social podcasting app Reason.fm a Techstars backed start-up.

Users can connect with each other and communicate around podcasts with each other and hosts. They will also be able to record their thoughts as micro-podcasts for people to stay up to date with each other.


I have started several businesses before, some worked and some didn't and I'm now an Angel investor in several businesses.

I run the Growth Mindset Podcast and the Wiser Than Yesterday podcast. You may have guessed I am a huge advocate of mindsets and self improvement.

Fun facts about me:

  • Bristol Burrito eating champion (and record holder)
  • Hitch-hiked across Kazhakstan
  • Spent a week North Korea
  • Climbed the Matterhorn (5th most dangerous mountain on earth)
  • Nearly died three times (hospitalised with blood everywhere and surgery to save my life etc...)
  • Stand up comedian - First ever show
  • TEDx speaker - The Genius You Need To Listen To Is Yourself
  • Highly Dyslexic
  • General life and body hacker


I can share plenty of personal stories, business tips or mindset lessons to live a more joyful and energetic life of positivity and fun.

I also read widely on philosophy, technology and humanity in general and am very happy to discuss the nature of reality or how modernity is erasing the individual.